Richard Dawkins Destroys The 10 Commandments

Professor Richard Dawkins ridiculing the 10 Commandments and showing that morals do not come from the Bible.

San Diego, Ca. Friday, April 6th, 2012

I love this!

What do you guys think of it?


Why do people believe in god?

Unfortunately, humans are wired to believe in god. Evolution has programmed us to avoid death at all costs, and since almost every religion has promised a paradise in an afterlife, we are attracted to claims that soften or ease the fear of death. We believe in an afterlife because it is an attractive option that appears on the surface to continue our existence. For many, this belief helps them cope with the fear of death. Abolishing this belief requires one to be completely intellectually honest with oneself. It is not easy for people to admit that our consciousness ends with our death, and yet this adds value to our life and stresses the importance of enjoying every moment.