Random Rant: Topic: Ignorance

One argument that I always here from stupid religious bigots is the one that all atheists are ignorant. That we are closed minded. I always find my self laughing out loud at this weak argument whenever it is presented to me.

The opposite is in fact the truth. Atheists are actually the most opened mined people on the planet. The fact that we reject god is proof that we are open minded. The only way to see the truth (That god doesn’t exist) is to be open minded. If in fact we were close minded as these religies often say, we would be as submissive and obedient as they are to their false god. 

And just because we reject your god doesn’t make us ignorant. You dumb ass religies (Creationists specifically) rejecting irrefutable evidence for evolution is ignorant. THAT is close mindedness. Belief in god is just proof of close mindedness and ignorance. I believe this quote sums up my point quite nicely:

“What is God? I think, believers, that God s the opinions that you can’t otherwise justify. God is your intellectual laziness. God is your ego. God is that which you need God to be. God is X. God is the sum of all your willful ignorance. God is a convenience. God is a social adhesive. God is your bigotry. God is an excuse. God is your clever ploy to avoid thinking, responsibility, and the need to develop a sense of social justice. God is your lie. What is God? God isn’t real.” -TJ Kincaid

This was one of the first atheist quote I ever read and really understood. For an open minded person (AKA an atheist), as you are reading it, you can’t help but nod your head in agreement at everything TJ Kincaid is saying. God really is just an excuse. An excuse to do evil in his name. An excuse to pray for your kids to get better instead of taking them to a doctor (I have a post about this coming very soon). God is an excuse to not think for oneself. 

I have a question for you religies. If god gave you free will (Which you all claim he does), why does he want you to be obedience and unquestioning? Part of freewill is the ability to question things. Free will is defined as “free and independent choice; voluntary decision”. But your god tells you that this is wrong. Yet he (according to you religies) gives you this ability to think for oneself anyways.

So the next time you (believers) call an atheist ignorant (or close minded), just remember that you are actually the ignorant close minded one. Not us. You. The believer. The Creationist. The idiotic, obedient, unintelligent bigot who isn’t allowed to think for yourself. 

Atheists are opened minded, intelligent, freethinkers, and most certainly NOT ignorant.

Rant over.

I’ll be posting something on the dumb fuck religious bastards who let their kids die because they “pray” for them to get better rather than taking them to a doctor. This is an issue that really pisses me off. I’ll have it posted by Saturday.

Until then,

         Thanks for reading! 


Separation of Church and State

The Separation of Church and State. It is a concept as old as the United States. In my opinion this concept is just as important as the freedoms guaranteed to us in the First Amendment. Religion has absolutely no part in our public schools.

One thing that really makes me mad is when people want to “teach the controversy”. I hate this argument. Why on Earth would be teach kids about something we know is wrong? We teach them evolution because we know it’s right. So why would we teach them, for example, the fairy tales from Genesis? We shouldn’t “teach the controversy” because the religious side of the “controversy” is dead wrong

Maybe if there were factual evidence to support the wild myths in Genisis we would “teach the controversy”. But there isn’t. In fact the scientific side of the “controversy” proves that these fairy tales are completely wrong! So we should continue to only teach evolution. Because it’s fact

And another reason why we shouldn’t “teach the controversy” in public schools, is because religion has absolutely no place in public schools. That is why we have separation of Church and State! That is why we have the Establishment Clause! Now sure, the First Amendment guarantees Freedom of Religion. But that also mean we have freedom from religion. I don’t care what screwed up religion you practice, but keep it to yourself. Keep it in the privacy of your home and place of worship. Do not bring it into my public schools. Not everyone believes in your fucked up religion! So keep it the hell out of public schools! 

We teach facts in school. Not fairy tales (Unless you happen to major in mythology in college hahaha). Public schools are a place for knowledge, intelligence, and facts. Religion hates knowledge, intelligence, and above all, FACTS

So enough of my rant, let me ask you, what do you think about “teaching the controversy”?

Freethought Today

“Freethought Today” is the newspaper from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. If you are an atheist or agnostic, you definitely want to read this newspaper. It appeals to atheists of all kinds!

It is a monthly newspaper printed by the FFRF. By becoming a member of the organization, you earn yourself a subscription to the newspaper. The annual membership fee is $40 (Or $25 if you have a valid student I.D.) I highly suggest this newspaper to all atheists and agnostics.


The front page of an old “Freethought Today” issue.

In the recent March 2013, the front page article was about a middle school in Jackson, Ohio where there was a picture of Jesus hanging above an entrance way. The FFRF filed a law suit to get the picture taken down. 

It makes me very happy to see organizations such as the FFRF fighting to maintain the separation of church and state. We wouldn’t advance if the line separating church and state were not there. But I will talk more about this in my next post.

In Conversation with Richard Dawkins – Hosted by Stephen Law

Professor Richard Dawkins in conversation with Dr Stephen Law, senior lecturer at Heythrop College, University of London, discussing the major issues of importance to humanists and atheists at a time when opposition to rationalist thought appears to be on the rise. Filmed at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, on Friday 15th February 2013.

If you like Richard Dawkins, you will enjoy this.

Richard Dawkins vs. Creationist Wendy Wright

So I was recently watching a YouTube video of Richard Dawkins having a friendly debate with creationist Wendy Wright. As I started watching, Wendy seemed like a very intelligent woman. But as the video progressed, it became apparent that she was anything but intelligent. She rejected scientific fact as Richard threw it at her.

At one point she said something along the lines of “…there are no intermediary species that prove humans evolved from apes…” and immediately Richard pointed out four intermediary species that prove we evolved from apes. She simply disregarded these irrefutable facts and proceeded to change the topic.


I could not believe the amount of ignorance them seemed to radiate from Wendy Wright. How this lady ever became a CEO is beyond me. I am surprised she even graduated from elementary school.

Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article on her:

“Wright was interviewed by evolutionary biologistRichard Dawkins for his 2008 program The Genius of Charles Darwin, in the episode entitled “God Strikes Back”. In the interview, she states that no transitional forms have been found between different animal groups(naming specifically birds and mammals, although biologists do not claim that mammals are descended from birds). During the interview she requested “overwhelming evidence” while simultaneously ignoring the evidence evolutionary biologists provide. Dawkins named several examples and asked her to visit any museum to see the evidence, but she held her position that they were mostly illustrations of things that don’t exist.”

I highly suggest watching this video (The one I watched is actually 7 parts of around 10 minutes each). Not only can you see how amazing Richard Dawkins is, you will also get a good laugh out of the ignorance and stupidity that emanates from Wendy Wright.