Freethought Today

“Freethought Today” is the newspaper from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. If you are an atheist or agnostic, you definitely want to read this newspaper. It appeals to atheists of all kinds!

It is a monthly newspaper printed by the FFRF. By becoming a member of the organization, you earn yourself a subscription to the newspaper. The annual membership fee is $40 (Or $25 if you have a valid student I.D.) I highly suggest this newspaper to all atheists and agnostics.


The front page of an old “Freethought Today” issue.

In the recent March 2013, the front page article was about a middle school in Jackson, Ohio where there was a picture of Jesus hanging above an entrance way. The FFRF filed a law suit to get the picture taken down. 

It makes me very happy to see organizations such as the FFRF fighting to maintain the separation of church and state. We wouldn’t advance if the line separating church and state were not there. But I will talk more about this in my next post.


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