FFRF’s “Out of the Closet” campaign

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has a campaign to encourage atheists to “come out of the closest” publicly and announce their atheism. I think this is a great idea from the FFRF.

There are a lot of atheists who are afraid to publicly admit that they are atheists (agnostics too). The FFRF wants these freethinkers to come out and announce it!

FFRF, the largest atheist/agnostic association in the United States, debuted an “Out of the Closet” personalized public relations campaign last fall featuring real nonbelievers, their views and their faces on bus signs and billboards.

They are asking you to create a billboard with your picture and a quote. A winner will be chosen to be an actual billboard.

I believe everyone to check out this site! If you are “In the Closet” about your atheism, I encourage you to create one of these billboards. If you have already “come out”, then please pass the word on to a friend who hasn’t. This is a marvelous campaign. Help spread the word about it and the Freedom From Religion Foundation!

Click here to create your own billboard!

Here is the template for a "Virtual Billboard"

Here is the template for the “Virtual Billboard”


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