Richard Dawkins vs. Creationist Wendy Wright

So I was recently watching a YouTube video of Richard Dawkins having a friendly debate with creationist Wendy Wright. As I started watching, Wendy seemed like a very intelligent woman. But as the video progressed, it became apparent that she was anything but intelligent. She rejected scientific fact as Richard threw it at her.

At one point she said something along the lines of “…there are no intermediary species that prove humans evolved from apes…” and immediately Richard pointed out four intermediary species that prove we evolved from apes. She simply disregarded these irrefutable facts and proceeded to change the topic.


I could not believe the amount of ignorance them seemed to radiate from Wendy Wright. How this lady ever became a CEO is beyond me. I am surprised she even graduated from elementary school.

Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article on her:

“Wright was interviewed by evolutionary biologistRichard Dawkins for his 2008 program The Genius of Charles Darwin, in the episode entitled “God Strikes Back”. In the interview, she states that no transitional forms have been found between different animal groups(naming specifically birds and mammals, although biologists do not claim that mammals are descended from birds). During the interview she requested “overwhelming evidence” while simultaneously ignoring the evidence evolutionary biologists provide. Dawkins named several examples and asked her to visit any museum to see the evidence, but she held her position that they were mostly illustrations of things that don’t exist.”

I highly suggest watching this video (The one I watched is actually 7 parts of around 10 minutes each). Not only can you see how amazing Richard Dawkins is, you will also get a good laugh out of the ignorance and stupidity that emanates from Wendy Wright.


9 thoughts on “Richard Dawkins vs. Creationist Wendy Wright

  1. Allallt says:

    Is this the documentary where he interviews a guy who, while coming across and painfully arrogant, “in the process, don’t be arrogant”?

    I wanted to think “oh, they’ve picked the crap of the crop to make good TV”, but you’re right, these people are in positions authority. Oh my.

  2. AtheistTweets™ says:

    No he just interviews Wendy in this one! But I’d definitely be interested in the one you are talking about! Do you have the link to it?

  3. Stacy Skipper says:

    Sorry, I couldn’t make it through the first five minutes. No amount of evolutionary evidence would be enough for someone who refuses to think. Some just can’t comprehend the vast amount of time required for noticeable change in a species. Some would care less if it happened overnight if it conflicts with their beliefs.

  4. AtheistTweets™ says:

    The fact that ignorant of obvious facts is hilarious!

  5. thematrixq says:

    Reblogged this on ?verything!.

  6. Lab Rat says:

    “Where’s the evidence?”
    *Shows evidence
    “That’s not evidence.”
    *different evidence
    “That’s still not evidence, what can you show me that is evidence?”

    OMG, I almost broke my computer while watching this lady talk this nonsense.

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